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Queen of Mays - Custom Sizing - Limited Edition


The perfect match of chiffon florals and lace trim ūüíē

Made to order in your size 

Bralette halter top, tiered leg sleeves, leg band, arm bands and lace up underwear 

- Lace up back on top 
- Tie up tiered arm sleeves
- Tiered leg sleeves with lace up back
- High waist underwear that ties on the side and has beaded trim
- Tie up leg band with beaded trim


The measurements I need to make this item:
- Bra Size
- Bust
- Above the knee circumference
- Waist
- Hip
- Leg Sleeve length (from 10cm above the knee straight down to where you want the leg sleeve to finish) 

Please add these into the box that says "add measurements here".
If the item is for a certain date please specify in the box that says "date of event". 
If it is not for a certain date please write N/A

Model; Mays Benatti (@maysbenatti)

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before ordering 


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