Everyone is unique and different which means everyones measurements are different! We ask that you provide us with certain measurements in order to create your pieces so it will fit to you. 

With our products we have specified in the description which measurements are needed for that certain product. These are to be added in the NOTES section at the checkout. Please see below for measurement instructions.

How To Measure:

- Please do so with a flexible measuring tape. 
- Please measure in CM's
- If you have any questions or queries please send us a message!!

Bra Size - Your standard bra size measurement 

Standard Sizing - Your standard sizes for top and bottom

Bust - Around the fullest part of your bust

Waist - Around the smallest part of your torso 

Hip - Around the fullest part of your hips, generally around the bum

Waist to Ankle - From your waist straight down to your ankle, it is best to have help with this one

Upper Thigh - Around your upper thigh

Lower Thigh - Around your lower thigh, generally about 6cm above the knee

Knee - Around the middle of your knee 

Skirt Length - From your waist, straight down to where you want the skirt to finish. We normally do around 38cm for reference

Full Crotch - Place the measuring tape on your waist, bring it through your legs back around to waist level on your back. This is where the pants will sit 

Half Crotch - Place the tape measure in between your legs where the pant seam meets, bring the tape measure up to your front waist. This is where the pants will sit, the photo below is for reference and the lady is wearing low waisted pants. Make sure to measure right up to the middle of your waist. 

If you have any questions at all please send us a message via Instagram!